Short-term goals of the Coordination Center for Drug and Food Development include synergizing clinical pharmacology activities of the University and making the contractual process as seamless as possible. By applying clear rules and regulations we aim to make our workflows faster, leaner, and more effective. Ultimately, we wish to achieve improved customer and staff satisfaction.

In the mid-term, improving the partnership with our Sponsors and Clients, deepen the collaboration and sign exclusive agreements. We find it important that our Sponsors are fully knowledgeable about our clinical sites, our capacity and the regulatory process in place to ensure quality management of all trials.

The long-standing reputation and tradition of the University, the great number of patients, the unparalleled database and human resources behind clinical trials are all strong building blocks of a platform that helps us grow and assures services of the best kind. By displaying and employing our work values and ethics, by speeding up and making our processes more flexible, we strive to become more active participants of the clinical trial market both at national and international levels.

Last update: 2023. 02. 16. 12:55